Every judge gives each entry a score in the range of 1-10 (1 being the worst, 10 being the best). Each entry will receive a cumulative score in the range of 4-40. 

The carving that wins the People's Choice vote will get an additional 1.5 pts, bringing your possible scoring total to 5.5 - 41.5. 

Tie Breakers: In the event two pumpkins receive the same score from the judges, a tie could be broken if one of those pumpkins wins the People's Choice vote. If neither of the pumpkins wins the People's Choice vote, the pumpkin with the highest number of People's Choice votes will win. If there is a tie in that instance as well, 3 of our 4 judges will cast a final vote for the winner (the 3 tie-breaking judges will be selected prior to the event). 

Additionally, we take a close look at enforcing the rules to ensure a fair playing field. If your team is caught breaking any rule (see: Carving Rules), then we will take a 2 point deduction off of your total. Be careful and make sure you are aware of all rules.


In each division, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners are determined and announced. Winners will receive cash and prizes.

Additionally, the individual and the team receiving the highest cumulative score will be awarded the official GUTS trophy. We will engrave the trophy with your name on it and bring it to your office where you can enjoy display and bragging rights for one year. We will then pick up the trophy next year to give to the new winner.

Once again, we will also have the People's Choice award. This will ensure that all voices are heard from your peers and the audience. Everyone at the event will be able to cast a vote. More about how to vote for the People's Choice winner will be announced at the event.

New this year! Awards will be given to the Individual and Team that raises the most money for our cause.


By entering you are forfeiting your creation to the cause. Unless you purchase your own pumpkin, you will not be taking your creation home, unless no one buys your pumpkin, in which case you are responsible for removing it from the premises.